Irish Castle On A Rock Island Real or Not?

Castle on a Rock Island is not in Ireland and not real. Bummer!

Though I wish I had the original poster’s PHOTO MANIPULATION talents, and though I wish there really was a very cool castle like that balanced on a rock island, it’s not true. Not in Ireland, not really a castle on top. HOWEVER, this rock island is still very cool anyway! And the island itself is real, in Thailand. I researched to get to the truth of the matter (because of my curious nature), and here is the Wikipedia entry for the real rock island (now called James Bond Island!):¬†

UPDATE 11/22/13: Thank you very much to Eiskje who commented with a YouTube video of the photo manipulation artist (Jan Oliehoek) showing his effects in a video, including this very castle on an island, as well as several other special photo effects. I am grateful to the commenter for sharing this info as I was unable to credit the artist originally since I could find no reference for it.

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30 thoughts on “Irish Castle On A Rock Island Real or Not?

  1. Glad to find this explanation of that photo! I wondered if it was real why I hadn’t read about it before, otherwise it would be on the top of my list of things to see. Thanks for the post! :)

    • Yes, I was searching for the truth about that picture too, and once I found the answer I decided to do a blog post about it. Thank you for visiting and for commenting. By the way, I checked out your blog and store, very nice work! ~Tricia

  2. Thanks for clarifying. This pic has been all over Pinterest, and when I saw one of the captions said Dublin, Ireland, I got really curious. I’m going to Ireland in the fall and am glad I didn’t get fooled into thinking there was a real castle on a rock there!

    • You are very welcome. I saw the same pic on pinterest and wondered if it was true. It took me about an hour of research to find the right info, and then I went back and commented the corrections on the pinterest pic, but I guess no one wanted their fantasy-bubble to be burst (I understand), so my update was not shared much, and the deception (or art) lives on… hence my blog post about it, so I am happy you found it!

  3. Kudos on your research and tenacious curiosity! Well done! I have been wondering about this fantastic image, too. I found this pix when looking for some new info on Dublin Castle. I have researched many, many castles in Ireland and Scotland – and was pretty sure I would have heard of this wonder before! I became suspicious about the cliff in the background – didn’t look Irish – and neither did the golden sand beach! (the Irish sunbathers wish!) Whoever composited this photo should be recognized for their talent, eh?

  4. But what about the castle? Did they photoshop the whole castle, or did they take that picture from somewhere else?

    • I don’t know which castle that is, but the details I wrote in the article did give references for the island. Good question though, wonder what castle they used?

  5. Fun photo, but I thought it was fake. No one would like to bring groceries to that outcropping via canoe (or speedboat) and climb those stairs. The ice cream would have melted in the Thailand heat.

  6. My husband is from Dublin and when I showed him this he said no such place exists in Dublin, so I checked it out. Thanks for your explanation

  7. Wow.. Thank you for the blog! I had a friend show me the picture, she also had seen it on pinterest, i thought it was really cool but no way couldn’t be real… The door made me question it the most, but figured the internet would have an answer. Thank you again for posting this and bringing this to light. She unfortunately was very upset, that was on her list of things to see in Ireland this month, better to spoil it now than in person.. Take care!

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