How to Straighten a Wrinkled Tutu

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How do you straighten a wrinkled tutu? How do you unwrinkle tulle? I found out the easiest way this past winter when my house felt dry and my sinuses needed some moisture.

I plugged in a basic $20 steam humidifyer from the drugstore and let the steam get rid of the dryness in the air.  I wondered if it would work like an expensive steamer for clothing, because I had a wrinkled tutu I wanted to straighten out.

No, the steam isn’t forceful enough to steam cotton clothing, but amazingly, when I held a tutu about 12 inches from the humidifyer, the wrinkles came out!

Keep the tulle moving, don’t leave it there or the netting of the tulle collects water and you have a drippy mess on your hands. I held the tutu over the steam, and kept Finger-Combing it and moving the tulle, and in no time my tutu was not only straight, it looked fresh and fluffy too!

Other Tutu Care: Spot Clean, Finger Comb and Shake to Fluff it up, then Hang it up to Store it! As soon as your little princess or ballerina drops the tutu on the floor, finger comb it out and hang it up. And bring out the humidifyer if you don’t have a steamer! (I don’t know if it will work with a cool mist humidifyer, mine has steam).



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